26 - 28 March 2018

Dubai World Trade Centre
10AM - 6PM Daily
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Raimondi Cranes
Stand: Z5 A93
644753 Meydan Hotel, Meydan Office Towers, Fourth Floor
United Arab Emirates

T: + 971 4 3813568

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Product Categories

  • Cranes & Access Equipment

Company profile

Raimondi Cranes prides itself on incorporating the latest in safety developments, paired with a high functioning and intelligently-designed technological edge. Fully designed and manufactured in our ancestral home of Legnano, Milan, Raimondi Cranes (Raimondi) has more than 150 years of history of the finest European craftsmanship. As part of our mission to deliver superior models to market, a key production pillar at Raimondi is prioritizing crane operator comfort and ease-of-use in all of our products. Hours of hands-on testing and extensive crane operator-feedback study has culminated in enhanced designs that facilitate productivity while ensuring the safest possible jobsite conditions. Raimondi Cranes has revitalized its product research and development segment. Since 2014, the company has steadily increased its in-house R&D activities with a focus on intelligent design and the application of easy and safe heavy lifting machinery erections. Now part of our manufacturing tradition, excellence in end-user experience and ease of maintenance are two pillars the company has incorporated into its manufacturing techniques. Specializing in topless tower cranes, Raimondi is also centering on luffing jib cranes. Raimondi Cranes Middle East, with a fully operational yard and in-house teams of technicians and engineering specialists, offers multiple services to clients across the GCC. From new sales to site planning, Raimondi’s client care specialists, led by Middle East Commercial Manager Wael Hassan provide, in-depth consultations on all jobsite needs in the heavy lifting sector. www.raimondi.co

Products to be displayed

Raimondi luffing LR213
The most popular luffing crane in the Raimondi range, the LR213 is available with five different jib length configurations, from a maximum jib length of 55 meters to a minimum jib length of 28 meters, that can all reach the maximum capacity of 14,000 kg. The maximum tip load with 55 meter jib configuration is 2,250 kg. The LR213’s noteworthy aspects include impressive hoisting performance, flexibility, and easy maintenance. Raimondi’s LR213 luffing crane can lift the maximum load without reduction of capacity with the full jib of 55 meters. There is flexibility in choice with the LR213 as two different new hoisting winches at 55 kW or 75 kW are available – specifically designed for luffing cranes - to have increased speed paired with more control and more rope capacity at both power levels.
The Raimondi MRT234 flattop tower crane
The Raimondi MRT234 is a flattop tower crane with a maximum length jib of 70m and a maximum capacity of 12,000 kg, with four falls configuration. At the maximum radius, it can lift 2250 kg in Ultralift mode. Eight different jib length configurations, from 70m to 28m, satisfy all needs in terms of specific jobsite configurations. The MRT234 may be equipped with two different hoisting winches: standard installed power of 45kW or the more powerful 55kW.
The Raimondi MRT159 topless tower crane
The Raimondi MRT159, with a 65 meter jib length and a maximum tip load of 1650 kg, boasts a maximum load of 10,000 kg. The flexibility of the MRT159 now has more jib configurations available, and a selection of three different winches with respective powers of 30 kW, 37 Kw, and 45 Kw. The MRT159 arrives onsite with all parts preassembled, ropes passed, and rope connections installed. The small and useful accessories facilitate having everything necessary positioned close to point of installation.
Raimondi luffing LR330
The newest luffing jib crane in Raimondi’s range, the LR330 was launched in February 2018 to meet client demand. A 330 tonne M class luffing crane with a maximum length jib of 60 meters and a maximum capacity of 18,000 kg with two falls configuration. At the maximum radius, the LR330 can lift 3,300 kg with Ultralift mode. The new model’s six different jib length configurations, from 60 meters to 30 meters, are able to satisfy all needs in terms of jobsite coverage, and represents Raimondi’s latest approach to heavy lifting technology. www.raimondi.co/LR330