26 - 28 March 2018

Dubai World Trade Centre
10AM - 6PM Daily
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Stand: Z6 B39
Heerstraße 9-27

T: + 49 2325 9870

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Company profile

Founded in 1934 in western Germany, SCHWING-Stetter with its machines, plants and ser-vices has been a strong partner for the concrete industry for decades. The products stand for economic efficiency, reliability, safety and excellent value retention. The product range in-cludes truck-mounted concrete pumps, truck-mixers, batching plants, stationary concrete pumps (SP), separate placing booms (SPB) and cooling systems for batching plants. SCHWING-Stetter produces in three plants in Germany and Austria for customers all over the world. Other production plants in America, India and Brazil manufacture for the local market and the region. Subsidiaries and dealers ensure a dense and reliable sales and service net-work and high machine availability in more than 100 countries around the world.

Products to be displayed

Truck-mounted concrete pump S 36 X
With its proven technology and main components developed and manufactured by SCHWING, the S 36 X ensures maximum reliability so there are no surprises - even when operating high pump power at low engine speed. The legendary ROCK valve, famed for its robustness and dependability, provides unmatched low operating and maintenance costs. And when it is time for a new SCHWING concrete pump, the high resale value makes it easier to say goodbye.
Truck-mounted concrete pump S 42 SX
With its robust design and the proven technology the Schwing S 42 SX stands for reliability, performance and ease of use without any compromise. High pump power at low engine speed together with the legendary ROCK valve, famed for its robustness and dependability, leads to unmatched low operating and maintenance costs. This makes the S 42 SX the benchmark for profitability. And the well-known high resale value makes it very economical to upgrade to the next SCHWING truck-mounted concrete pump.
Truck-mounted concrete pump S 43 SX III
The 5-section boom of the S 43 SX III is extremely robust with incredible flexibility for different concrete placing jobs thanks to the Z-folding tip section with its 270° opening angle. The combination of proven SCHWING technology with continuous innovation has resulted in reliability, performance and ease of use without compromise. High pump power at low engine speed combined with the legendary durability of the ROCK valve enable the lowest operating and maintenance costs in this class. The S 43 SX III: unmatched flexibility and profitability.
Truck-mounted concrete pump S 52 SX
Reliable, powerful, efficient. And made in Germany like all other SCHWING truck-mounted concrete pumps. This is the S 52 SX. High pump power at low engine speed and the legendary robustness of the ROCK valve provide unmatched low operating and maintenance costs. The lowest support space requirement in this class and an unrivalled short set up time means all pumping jobs performed properly and on time. And as the development, testing and manufacture of all main components is by SCHWING, reliability, performance and a long lifetime are ensured.
Truck-mounted concrete pump S 65 SXF
Construction sites with large foundation areas, deep excavations and high engineering structures are the territory of the S 65 SXF. With the standard, long-stroke pump kit P 2525 it reliably pumps up to 162 m³ of concrete per hour and, thanks to its high performance and efficiency, contributes to the success of the project. Components such as the base frame, boom package and outriggers are made of steel from leading Western European manufacturers and produced by SCHWING. The smallest outrigger footprint in the 65 m class plus the boom with overhead roll-folding guarantee easy installation and fast operational readiness. The S 65 SXF made by SCHWING: ready for big tasks.
Stationary concrete pump SP 2800
Due to its high reliability and performance, the SP 2800 from SCHWING has been a central component of concrete logistics on construction sites all over the world for decades. Proven technologies, such as the robust and easy-to-clean ROCK concrete valve and the SCHWING hydraulic components, guarantee high reliability, a strong output rate and low maintenance costs. In combination with the customer-oriented SCHWING service, the SP 2800 ensures more safety and efficiency in concrete pumping. The SP 2800 from SCHWING: manufactured in Germany. Operating worldwide.
Stationary concrete pump SP 3800
With a concrete output of up to 113 m³ / h and a pressure on concrete of up to 162 bar, the SP 3800 from SCHWING is the reliable and safe solution for concrete pumping in medium and large construction projects. The standard dual-circuit hydraulic system ensures smooth pumping, fast shift-over and high pump performance combined with excellent energy ef
Stationary concrete pump SP 7500
High delivery rate, proven technology and the HP-ROCK valve for up to 243 bar pressure on concrete: the SP 7500 from SCHWING offers everything in order to be able to pump large quantities of concrete in a reliable and safe way across very long distances or at extreme heights. It thus supports the execution of unusual construction projects all over the world and proves itself even under extreme operating conditions with power and reliability. The SP 7500, manufactured in Germany, used worldwide.
Stationary concrete pump SP 9500
With a concrete output of nearly 100 m³ per hour and a pressure on concrete of up to 243 bar, the SP 9500 supports the realization of extraordinary and record-breaking projects worldwide. High performance and excellent reliability are guaranteed by the proven technology of SCHWING. Even under extreme operating conditions, SCHWING's most powerful stationary pump with an engine output of up to 470 kW impresses with its performance and reliability. The SP 9500: made in Germany, worldwide in use.