26 - 28 March 2018

Dubai World Trade Centre
10AM - 6PM Daily
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Stand: Z4 B146
Via del Solteri 38

T: + 39 0471 089100

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Product Categories

  • Test, measurement and process control engineering
  • Health & safety equipment
  • Construction & CommercialVehicles
  • Site Clearing, Demolition & Relocation
  • Technologies for Application & Services

Company profile

EmiControls provides custom-made solutions for dust control, odor control and firefighting. EmiControls is part of the TechnoAlpin Group, which was founded in 1990. TechnoAlpin designs and builds turnkey snow-making systems for ski resorts all over the world. A steady string of advances enabled TechnoAlpin to become global market leader within a few years. The company's in-depth knowledge of mechanical and plant engineering as well as expertise in water atomization has been applied to other applications outside of snow production since 2008. After an intense testing and research phase it was clear, that watermist is super efficient for firefighting, dust control and odor control: EmiControls was born (2011) Ever since EmiControls supplies custom-made solutions (mobile or fix installed) for fire fighting, dust control and odor elimination for a wide and diverse range of sectors (such as: Mining, Recycling plants, Demolition, Airports, Tunnel Systemsetc)

Products to be displayed

The patented nozzle head on the V7 is fitted in the axial direction in the turbine and achieves a much higher projection range than comparable nozzle configurations. It has a booster pump and can therefore also be used with the turbine switched off. The user-friendly remote control system, the 52° tilt angle, 360° pivoting angle and the booster pump with automatic protection against freezing and running dry all combine to make the V7 into a reliable, flexible and compact dust-controller. Typical fields of application include recycling plants, material handling & reloading facilities, woodworking and relatively small demolition jobs.
The fully-automatic V12S offers a universal, powerful and super silent environmentally-friendly dust control solution. The high-performance turbine with linear injection geometry of the water is an optimal solution for very precise throw. The turbine has the ability to run at 2 speeds giving the turbine the flexibility to throw the atomized water from 10 meters to over 50 meters. Special nozzles with ceramic inserts produce the fine water spray, which effectively lays the dust particles directly at the source. The latest valve technology and an selectable second nozzle ring guarantee efficient water flow. This solution is ideal when working in the middle of towns or cities where a need to be quiet whilst working is paramount. The wide range of designs available makes the V12S a universal dust laying sprayer. The device is easy to control via a remote control, a touch panel on the electric cabinet or wirelessly. The horn (optional) and the flash light increse the acoustic perception and visibility of the V12S
The L3 lance is the first dust-control lance on the market. It is a compact and user-friendly solution for close-range applications. It works without a turbine, allowing it to get near to the source of dust. The spray action can be narrow and flat, fan-shaped or cylindrical, depending on the requirements in any given case. With its flexible spray head, the fine mist jet with its optimized droplet size and quantity can be pivoted horizontally up to 360° and tilted in many different directions from -6° (default factory setting) to +60° by local or remote control. This makes the L3 equally suitable for indoor use and for dust control in recycling plants, crushing plants, on tunnel construction sites, industrial sites, and walkways to factory buildings.
V12 Odor
V12 Odor is the name of a turbine unit developed specifically to combat foul smells. The nozzles generate a fine mist which is distributed over large areas by the turbine. Measured amounts of biological substances are added to prevent the release of unpleasant smells. With a projection range of 50 m, it can also inhibit nuisance smells in large-scale complexes. The pivot function integrated in the turbine is another key advantage. The V12 Odor boasts low water consumption combined with a high level of efficiency. It is operated by remote control or keypad. The V12 Odor can be used in any places subject to the build-up of unpleasant smells like biogas and recycling plants or composting sites.
V22 (new)
The totally redesigned V22 is the most powerful dust-suppression machine in EmiControls’ product range. Due to its long projection range and integrated 360° pivot function, it is most suitable for dust-control applications covering large areas. The patented nozzle head and the outer nozzle ring generate a finely atomized mist, which binds the dust particles and prevents them from spreading. The projection distance of the inside nozzle head can be limited to close range by switching off the turbine. Typical fields of application for dust suppression with the V22 include all kinds of opencast mines, demolition sites, recycling plants, storage depots, loading facilities, landfill sites and woodworking shops.