26 - 28 March 2018

Dubai World Trade Centre
10AM - 6PM Daily
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Global Geotech
Stand: Z4 D142
Unit 5 Springwood Business Park
West Yorkshire
United Kingdom

T: + 44 1422 378205

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Product Categories

  • Waterwell Drill Rigs & Tools
  • Soil Investigation Rigs & Sampling Tools

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Company profile

Global Geotech is a leading manufacturer and supplier of exploration drilling and sampling equipment. We supply customers throughout the world with high quality earth drilling, boring, core sampling and in-situ ground testing equipment. Our product range includes tools for obtaining geological samples in a wide range of formations from the softest soils to the hardest rocks. We also supply equipment for in-situ testing of boreholes, and for the installation of monitoring wells. By listening to the needs of the drilling industry, we constantly achieve high standards of quality and service whilst offering competitive prices. To maintain our competitive pricing we have our own modern manufacturing plant, as well as a network of approved sub-contractors. Our facilities include some of the latest technology and machines available. We also have research and development capabilities, giving us the flexibility to meet and exceed the ever-changing demands of the drilling industry. We focus our efforts on offering tools and accessories which help the user maximize productivity and minimize costs. Our experienced engineers and technical staff are always happy to advise and deal with any enquiries that you may have. We also arrange seminars and training on different aspects of drilling and drilling technology.

Products to be displayed

New PDC Core Bits - the "Metre Eater"
The "Metre Eater" is a newly designed core bit incorporating a double row of disc-shaped polycrystalline diamond cutters sintered into a tungsten carbide crown. It is an extremely tough bit with a very long life and fast-cutting action in soft to medium rocks such as limestone, sandstones, siltstones, marls. The lifespan is more than than ten times that of an equivalent tungsten carbide insert-type core bit. The "Metre Eater" cuts very quickly so it is essential that the flushing system is adequate to clean away the cuttings, and so reap the ultimate benefit of the increase in productivity when using this type of bit.
New DIASET Impregnated Core Bits - Geotech Type
Diaset’s line of impregnated diamond core bits are revolutionizing the industry in terms of durability and productivity. The superior patented matrix technology developed by Diaset with the mineral exploration sector in mind, is now proving itself in geotechnical core drilling applications. A new range of GEOTECH bits are cutting faster and straighter, using less energy and giving higher core recovery than other brands. The new GEOTECH bits have a free-cutting action, with a matrix that is 30 percent softer than competing products, which means they cut hard rock faster. At the same the bit resists abrasion by incorporating a higher diamond concentration and heavy-duty gauge protection in the crown. GEOTECH core bits vastly outperform any other bit of similar price in terms of lifespan, accuracy and penetration rates.
Flat Dilatometer
The Flat Dilatometer (DMT) determines in a quick, precise, simple and economical way many important soil parameters used in geotechnical design. The results are highly repeatable and operator-independent. The DMT is used in 50 countries. The applications of DMT are very wide, including accurate settlement prediction of shallow foundations, compaction control, sensing the effects of pile installations, measuring liquefiability of sands, detecting slip surfaces on slopes, pavement subgrade compaction control, and several others. This in situ test is easy to carry out and gives instants results that can be output in excel format or as a series of graphs. The Flat Dilatometer is also available with a seismic module to form the SDMT. The seismograms acquired by the two receivers of the SDMT, amplified and digitized at depth, are transmitted to a PC at the surface, which is used to measure the shear wave velocity
Automatic MAZIER core barrel
The automatic Mazier core barrel is specifically designed for obtaining core samples in normally problematic situations where the soil is very soft and loose. Under these circumstances it is usually difficult to prevent the sample from being washed away by the drilling fluid before it enters the core barrel. The Mazier barrel features a spring-loaded inner tube which allows the soil core to enter the core barrel several centimetres in front of the bit, and thus avoid being washed away by the drilling fluid. However, when harder materials are encountered, the inner tube retracts upwards so that the lower end now sits just behind the cutting face of the bit. This prevents the cutting shoe, attached at lower end of the inner tube, from becoming damaged by the harder material. This versatile core barrel can obtain undisturbed soil samples in soils of low compressive strength less than 1 MPa.
GEOCUBE Thermally Stable Core Bits
At remote drilling sites it is often not possible to find water to flush the drill bit. In these situations, an alternative is to use compressed air to flush rock cuttings from the borehole. The danger of this technique is that the bit may be not sufficiently cooled by the air and quickly burn out. To combat this Global Geotech has designed a range of core bits incorporating cube-shaped thermally stable polycrystalline diamond cutters (TSPs). These GEOCUBE bits have a very high heat tolerance and are the ideal choice for coring in soft to medium rocks using air flush.