26 - 28 March 2018

Dubai World Trade Centre
10AM - 6PM Daily
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Amadio & C
Stand: Z5 D76
Via dell'Industria, 10/12
Quinto Vicentino (Vi)

T: + 39 0444 357199

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Company profile

Design, manufacture, sale of shoring systems (horizontal formwork, post shores, shoring towers), scaffolding and building equipment in general. Our goal is to serve rentals and large construction companies worldwide, offering innovative technical customized solutions. Customers choose us because they find: - Tailored technical solutions; - High quality standards; - Large products range ready on stock.

Products to be displayed

Main characteristics are: Safe: you erect everything from below. Easy: only few pieces to assembly. Fast: drop head system for quick release and re_shoring, with three man in a day, we can assembly around 500 square meters. Scalable: you can start with the fix head and buy the drop head and the filler you need in the future, keeping the investment low. Concerning the performances, we have: Main panel size: 1,5x1,5 meters. Secondary sizes: 4 more panels, resulting by dividing in half the main panel in both of direction. So, at the end, you will always a multiple of 1,5 meter. Thickness of the decking: with a prop only every 2,25 square meters, you can go up to 30 cm. Thickness of the decking exceeding the 30 cm: you simply need to place an extra prop in the middle of main panel. Starting point: very stable with the shoring connection elements.
EN1065 Post shores
All our props (post shores) are certified in accordance with the recent European Norm DIN EN1065 at the prestigious German technical institute “Landesstelle Foto-EN-Afür Bautechnik” of Stuttgart. Designed to ensure maximum safety while using (hand scissor safety and disengagement system), are characterised by load capacity defined and certain, with high safety factor, reaching in this way, the highest level of development achieved so far in the field of shoring. To satisfy any requirement, the props have been divided in four classes, depending on their load capacity: Class “B”, the lightest, until class “E” the heaviest. The quality of the materials used, together with innovative production processes, ensures solidity and durability superior to the traditional products. Thanks to their security features, robustness and high capacity load, our products are perfect also for renting companies, because ensure a quick return on investment and increase safety in yard.