26 - 28 March 2018

Dubai World Trade Centre
10AM - 6PM Daily
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APS (CBE Group)
Stand: Z6 A21
17, Rue Frederic Joliot - Curie

T: + 33 247 375364

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Product Categories

  • Precast Production & Equipment

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Company profile

APS (Advanced Precast Systems) was created in 2013. It is a department of French SME CBE Group, expert in the design and production of metal moulds and automated plants for the production of tunnel segments. Its core mission is to offer custom-made solutions for precast elements production, using CBE Group’s knowledge in the conception of high-quality moulds and industrial systems. APS put this knowledge to good use and created the first ever automated plant for the production of armour units in La Réunion Island in 2014. Over the years, APS has also provided moulds for the production of noise barriers, sleepers, slab tracks… Current projects include Port Calais in France, Aberdeen in Scotland and more. APS makes a point of studying every specific demand and to deliver the best made to measure products to its clients.

Products to be displayed

APS - Armour unit plant in Calais, France
Armour unit plant installed in Calais, France by APS, together with armour unit moulds.
APS - Armour unit plant in Calais, France
Concrete armour units produced for the Calais project in France. The plant and its moulds were made by APS.
APS - Armour unit plant in La Réunion, France
A mould in the La Réunion automated plant set up by APS for the new Coastal Road.
APS - Armour unit plant in La Réunion, France
A global view of the La Réunion plant, with moulds and concrete elements
APS - Armour unit plant in La Réunion, France
A c-hook lifting an armour unit in La Réunion, France, for the new Coastal Road project APS launched in 2014
APS - Noise barriers
APS noise barrier moulds
APS - Noise barriers
APS noise barrier automated plant in France
APS - Moulds for beams
APS moulds for beams
APS - Noise barriers
Concrete noise barrier on the LGV site in France, an APS project
APS - Design Office in France
The pre-project study of the mould is done by the Design Office in France. This study is based on the existing concrete unit.